Judy Collins: Ready for Humboldt

Judy Collins is coming to Humboldt County on September 30th. She'll be performing with longtime friend Stephen Stills in the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts . Danielle Orr caught up with Judy via phone to discuss music, art and learning to celebrate and laugh everyday.

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HSU's Prof. Julia Alderson is the 2017-2018 recipient of the Outstanding Service Award as part of the HSU Distinguished Faculty Awards series. According the HSU Academic Affairs website, the award is given to, "a member of the HSU faculty for a record of superlative service to the university and/or community."

Professor Alderson, who teaches courses in Art History will encorporate the work of conceptual artist, Adrian Piper. Piper's documentary, Funk Lessons, collides art with funk with dance. 

Professor Alderson will do the same in her lecture September 5th in Humboldt State's Kate Buchanon Room from 5 - 7 pm. Find more information here.

Western Rivers Conservancy

“It feels like law has yet to absorb the lessons of science.”

Friends of the Eel River’s Conservation Director Scott Greacen is joined by Glen Spain from Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations for a discussion about one of the most consequential public trust decisions in California law in decades.

The public trust doctrine stems from ancient roman law and states that certain resources (like air and water) are owned by the state and held in trust for the people.

Tune in to learn about the case that established the public trust doctrine does apply to groundwater, and how this ruling can be leveraged to protect the Scott River from overdraft resulting from excessive groundwater pumping.  

Centered on centuries upon centuries of community relationship with migrating caribou, this episode of Naturaleza y Comunidad highlights environment and community research in Fort Yukon, Alaska.

Malina Syvoravong for the North Coast Journal

No more, "sad chicken because I'm not going out tonight," says Jennifer Fumiko Cahill on a food feature in the latest edition of the North Coast Journal. Writer Malina Syvoravong gives some simple steps to getting restaurant-worthy chicken with just a little more work than it takes to open a package in her, "The Bird and the Brine."

Northcoast Journal

The worldwide phenomenon that is Coastal Cleanup Day is 40 years old this year. On the cover of the North Coast Journal this week, Joe Abbott tells his story and the story of the beginnings of what would become Coastal Cleanup Day on the beaches of Manila in 1977.

In late August of 2018, protestors briefly halted work at the Humboldt Redwood Company's mill in Scotia. Tom Wheeler hosted Thursday Night Talk on Sept. 06 to examine whether this is a new skirmish in the Timber War and whether there was ever a Timber War to begin with. Wheeler's guests include Greg King, Executive Director of the Siskiyou Land Conservancy, Darren Speece, historian and author of Defending Giants: The Redwood Wars and the Transformation of American Environmental Politics, and Rob DiPerna of the Enivornmental Protection and Information Center (EPIC.)

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces a second round of questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. He's expected to be questioned about his views on previous Supreme Court cases, as well as a range of policy issues. Kavanaugh is also likely to be questioned about his work on Ken Starr's independent counsel investigation of former President Bill Clinton, and his time working in the White House under former President George W. Bush.

Watch the hearing live.

Tune in Artwaves this Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 1:30 p.m. for Wendy Butler’s interview with director Kaitlyn Samuel and actors Joan Schirle and Christina Jioras. The topic is Redwood Curtain theater’s latest production. Jordan Harrison’s Marjorie Prime is on stage Sept. 6-29. The play challenges our desire to protect truthful often painful memories versus our desire to revise those     memories in favor of finding resolution and happiness.

On this week's Thursday Night Talk, Yana Valachovic spoke with three regional scientists to help us understand what is really going on with wildfire in California. The Carr, Mendocino Complex, Wine Country, Ferguson and Thomas Fires have burned homes in unexpected places, taken many lives, filled our skies with smoke, and for many leads to the question of what can be done?  Together they explored whether or not this is the “new normal” and what we can do to become better fire adapted.

North Coast Journal News Editor Thad Greenson previews Kristin Kirby's cover story on turmoil at KHSU and how Humboldt State University, listeners and the community hope to chart its future.

Editor Jennifer Fumiko Cahill talks about the return of Kentucky Fried Chicken to Eureka. The fast food franchise has been in the city before, this is the third location. Fumiko Cahill gives a window into the costs of fast food franchise ownership and the re-purposing of Broadway's ill-fated Blue Heron Motel property.


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