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Love live music? Want to squeeze in one more road trip before fall arrives?

KHSU is thrilled to send listeners to upcoming concerts in wine country! KHSU is hosting a silent auction on our Facebook page for some prestigious concerts at the Green Music Center.

Here's your silent auction table:

How do I bid? This works like any other silent auction, except instead of clipboards with names and respective bids, it's Facebook posts with names and respective bids. If you win, we'll send you a Facebook message.

It's that simple? Yep. Just leave your bid amount in a comment on the post.

Do I need to be on Facebook to bid? Not at all. Email your highest bid to with "Sonoma Auction" in the subject. In fact, by doing that right now, you'll set the opening bid! If the auction is already underway, we'll post your bid to Facebook, alerting other bidders what the going price is. 

What if I win? Each auction will close 3 days before the concert at 8 p.m. PDT. The winning bidder will be contacted for their donation to KHSU by phone. The winner will then receive instructions on collecting tickets.

Some restrictions apply. 
Complete details, rules and restrictions are here.
You are "bidding" to be the highest donor. 100% of the purchase price benefits KHSU.

Angelique Kidjo Waxes Optimistic on KHSU's Homepage


angelique davos.jpg "The one thing I know for sure is that if you are into negativity all the time, you lose the power before you even start." - Angelique Kidjo on KHSU's Homepage

In a strident interview with KHSU's Danielle Orr, Angelique Kidjo opens up about her optimism,  altruism, and today's young people. With a big heart, as well as a big voice, the Grammy winner is a tireless crusader for women’s and children’s rights. Ms. Kidjo recently released her riveting autobiography and a new album, Eve, celebrating the resilience and beauty of Africa’s women.

"Every problem has a solution," she told Orr. "In Africa we used to say  'Nobody has time for your whining because everybody's trying to survive. If you have something to complain about, spit it out. We see how we can make it work together, and if you can't talk about it - shut up."

 Listen to her interview below.  


Actress & Playwright Anna Deavere Smith Discusses Her Time With The Yurok on KHSU's Homepage anna deveare smith headshot.jpg

anna deveare smith headshot.jpg"My time in Klamath on the river, with the tribe, was one of the most transformative experiences of my life." Award-winning actress Anna Deavere Smith, best known for her roles on The West Wing and Nurse Jackie, spoke with Danielle Orr on KHSU's Homepage about her new show, Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education — The California Chapter.

"I'd attempted to get interviews in Native American environments and been told "We can tell our own story, you don't belong here. And I understand that as a disenfranchised person," she told Orr.  "The opposite happened with the Yurok. I was welcomed, and it meant the world to me."

Smith has been spending a lot of time in communities, both as a performer and a investigative playwright. She's been using the stage to tell the story of America's school-to-prison pipeline and how it targets disenfranchised communities. 

She performs Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education — The California Chapter at the Yurok Country Visitor Center in Klamath today.


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