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Thursday Night Talk

April 30 - Half of us – the male half – may not be aware of the fact that women can’t walk down the street without unsolicited remarks being directed at them. Compliments, come-ons and catcalls, or just condescending commands to “smile!” all demand acknowledgement, objectify their target and take a toll on the recipient’s peace of mind. On the next Thursday Night Talk, host Kevin Hoover and guests will discuss the climate of harassment, low-level and otherwise, that women are subjected to, even on the streets of hip and groovy sensitive Arcata. Tune in April 30 at 7 and call in your questions and comments.

KHSU's call-in talk show, Thursday Night Talk has a slate of alternating hosts, each with their own focus. Join the conversation on world and national politics, local affairs, authors and our local economy every Thursday at 7 pm.

Thursday Night Talk Hosts:

Kevin Hoover is Editor At Large at the Mad River Union newspaper, and former Editor, Publisher and Janitor at the now-defunct Arcata Eye. An Arcata resident since 1985, he enjoys writing, making music, the space program, hiking, animals and stewing over his many personal problems.

Local attorney and amateur political pundit Eric Kirk focuses on issues of local to global importance in politics, religion, culture, and science, with an emphasis on cross-ideological dialogue and the constant reexamination of the credos and dogmas which govern each of us.

Long time radio activist Brenda Starr brings her free spirit, wit and humor to TNT. Exploring politics, community and the games people play, she awaits your calls during a segment called Flash where you the listener share your likes & dislikes of the Week! Brenda is also a co-host of KHSU’s “Through The Eyes Of Women”.

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