Artwaves: Humboldt Revisits a Photographic Time Capsule From 1987

What did life in Humboldt look like in 1987?

Thirty years ago this month, local photographers fanned out across the county to document people, places, and events over at 24-hour period.

130 of those photos were compiled and published by Humboldt State professors emeritus Mark Larsen and Wayne Miller in The People, Places and Events of Humboldt County (available at the Humboldt County Library here and the Humboldt State Library here).

Thirty years later, Mark Larsen and Sydney Fisher-Larson tell Wendy Butler the stories behind the book's most evocative subjects.

With the project’s 30-year anniversary looming, they invite photographers of all skill levels to again photograph Humboldt County next Friday, Oct. 20.