Humboldt County Local Election: Unofficial Results

Nov 9, 2017

The most recent unofficial results were released this week by the Humboldt County Elections Office. The final results which are released afterwards may reflect slightly different numbers. 

Bonnie Deister of Ferndale led the race for the College of the Redwoods Board of Trustees Area 1 with 56.67 percent of the vote. Opponent and incumbent, also from Ferndale, Tracy Coppini, had 42.85 percent as of Monday night. 

The race for College of the Redwoods Board of Trustees Area 2 showed promising results for Dan Kelley of Hydesville who was ahead with 56.39 percent of the vote, while incumbent Thomas Ross of Fortuna held 42.79 percent of the vote. 

In Rio Dell, Measure X, the city's proposed cannabis excise tax dominated with 82.22 percent of the vote. If Measure X is approved by a majority, a 10 percent excise tax for businesses related to cannabis will be implemented as well as a $5 per square foot tax on cultivation areas. 

In Shelter Cove and Whitehorn, Measure V, which is a special tax to fund more fire protection and emergency services led with a 69.28 percent vote. 

In Blue Lake, approval for Measure Y was at 51.32 percent as of Monday night. The measure must pass a two thirds vote in order to implement a flat rate parcel tax to fund fire protection, rescue and emergency services within the Blue Lake Fire Protection District. The parcel tax would be between $75 and $400. 

In Samoa, Measure Z led with a 77.92 percent of the vote. This measure would reorganize the Samoa Peninsula Fire Protection District into the Peninsula Community Services District if approved by a majority vote. 

These are the unofficial but final results from Election Night from Humboldt County. Official results are posted several weeks later on the county's website at