Measure Z Spending Totals $11.6 Million

May 1, 2018

Humboldt County Measure Z funds are set to service the communities around the region ranging from law enforcement to public safety to city-specific projects.
Credit Humboldt County Administrations Office

According to an update from Humboldt County officials, this week the Board of Supervisors proposed an additional $4.4 million in Measure Z spending  for projects to protect the community. The proposals are set to be included in the county’s proposed budget. This adds to the $7.2 million which was already dedicated to next year’s budget for public safety services like employing deputies in the Sheriff’s Office, prosecutors in the DA’s office, probation officers to reduce recidivisim, and social workers to help victims of child abuse. The Board of Supervisors meeting will have the budget available for public comment at their June 5th meeting.

The proposal will also include $1.6 million for the Humboldt County Fire Chief’s Association for training facilities and dispatch fees. They also plan to use the funding for metal building kits and house fire trucks. Humboldt County cities like Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, Trinidad, Blue Lake and Rio Dell would receive Measure Z funds for law enforcement officers. Eureka, in particular, is set to receive more than $500,000 for police officers, housing and detox services, and a ranger to patrol the cities recreational open spaces where homeless-related problems occur. Arcata would receive more than $350,000 for a school resource officer and juvenile diversion counselors to serve K-12 students. Rio Dell ($32,000) will use funding for a position to support law enforcement services while Trinidad ($37,500) and Blue Lake ($37,500) would receive deputy sheriff services. Fortuna ($136,674) will receive enough funding to support an SRP for the Eel River Valley and a position to serve on the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. The Sheriff’s office will also receive Measure Z funds to support an SRO for the Northern Humboldt School District in McKinleyville ($196,812)and a sergeant to oversee the Drug Task Force.

A complete list of the Measure Z funds is available on the county’s website here: