Share Your Charity with KHSU Listeners

Nov 3, 2017

What’s your favorite north coast nonprofit? What do you see them doing for the community? 

KHSU presents Charity Share, and you're invited to give that group a fundraising shout-out.

Giving Tuesday, the charitable alternative to Black Friday, asks you to give back to those groups working for a better community. And our area has literally hundreds of them.

  • Tell the community why your favorite nonprofit is worth supporting on Giving Tuesday. Feel free to mention their website or other ways to learn more. It doesn't have to be perfect. Don't forget to introduce yourself!
  • Record that into your smartphone and email it It should be under 30 seconds. 

Feel free to plug more than one organization, and pass this along to your friends. 

We really look forward to hearing from you, and hearing about your favorite good cause. 

Need help figuring out what to say? Being your authentic self is really the best way to help your favorite nonprofit. But, if you need a jumpstart:

"Hi, my name's _______ and I'm from ______. The charity I want to share is _______. This Giving Tuesday, consider a donation to ________, because They're always helping out by (describe the great work they do in the community). Check out (their website) and join me in supporting _______ on Giving Tuesday!"


Need help recording? Try the iOS directions/Android app. If possible, record in a quiet environment such as a parked car or carpeted closet. KHSU may edit for time or content, and reserves the right to exercise editorial discretion. And if you really need help, feel free to ask for a recording appointment at our studios. KHSU may edit for time or content, and reserves the right to exercise editorial discretion.