Undocumented Arcata Mother Comes Home

Jun 19, 2018

Communities with True North advocated for the release of Arcata mother Claudia Portillo from an immigration detention center in the Bay Area.
Credit True North Organizing Network Facebook

Arcata mother of four, Claudia Portillo was granted release on a $12,000 bond after spending seven months in an immigration detention in the Bay Area. According to True North Organizing Network, communities in both Humboldt and Del Norte Counties advocated for Portillo's release and are arranging to pay the bond. 

On Monday, when the hearing occured in San Francisco, a convoy of supporters traveled on a six-hour long drive to advocate for Portillo's return. True North stated that recent articles report that only 15 percent of people in detention were represented by attorneys in San Francisco's immigration courts. Additionally, the judge who granted the release, Patrick S. O'Brien stated that while he granted Portillo release on the bond, that the Department of Homeland Security had the ability to appeal the ruling and delay her release. 

After the hearing, Portillo's sister Jennifer Ventura addressed the press outside of the court. She held back tears as she said that despite the favorable outcome in her sisters case, that she would still fight for others in the same situations. Her statement can be viewed on the Free Claudia! page on Facebook

“I’m super happy but I’m still going to be fighting for the rest of these families. There was a case before us. There was a bond of $20,000. There was nobody here for her and that's heartbreaking," she said. "And so I'm still going to keep fighting. This is just one case out of so many in the United States.So this is a victory for us but there’s more work to be done.”