UPDATED: Humboldt County Preliminary Election Results

Jun 5, 2018

Update: the second round of election results has been released by the Humboldt County Elections Office. Results that are updated will be shown in italics. 

Preliminary election results for California’s Primary election and Humboldt County’s local elections have been released. This information will be updated and revised throughout the election cycle when all ballots are counted. KHSU will update this report with more information as it is released. 

As of 8:23 p.m. voting records indicate that approximately 12.96 percent of voter ballots have been counted. 


Humboldt County Fourth District Supervisor:

Virginia Bass- 64.63%    

update 58.31%

Dani Burkhart-17.78%.    

update 20.59%

Mary Ann Lyons-17.34%  

update 20.75%

Humboldt County Fifth District Supervisor:

Ryan Sundberg-51.54%    

update 51.54%

Steve Madrone-48.33%    

update 48.33%

Humboldt County Superior Court Judge:

Lawrence Killoran-70.83%  

update 69.39%

Lathe Gill-28.73%                

update 30.15%

Humboldt County Auditor-Controller:

Karen Paz Dominguez-50.38%    

update 50.75%

Mike Lorig-49.19%

update 48.81%


California Governor’s Race:

(Top two candidates so far)

John Cox-24.89%

Gavin Newsom-34.85%

Attorney General:

(Top two candidates so far)

Steve C. Bailey-26.53%

Xavier Baccera-47.23%

U.S. Senator:

(top two candidates so far)

Diane Feinstein-40.55%

Kevin De Leon-9.96%

U.S House of Representatives:

Andy Caffeey-5.53%

Jared Huffman-59.30%

Dale K. Mensing-34.87%

State Senator:

Mike McGuire-72.54%

Veronica “Ronni” Jacobi-24.42%

State Assembly:

Jim Wood-60.46%

Matt Heath-38.94%

State Propositions and Local Measures

Prop. 69



Prop. 70



Prop. 71



Prop. 72



Measure F, Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District



Measure C, Freshwater School District

Bond Yes-56.54%

Bond No-43.46%

Measure D, Rio Dell School District

Bond Yes-65.10%

Bond No-34.90%

Measure E, Pacific Union School District

Bond Yes-63.46%

Bond No-36.54%

Measure G, Fortuna Elementary School

Bond Yes-55.86%

Bond No-44.14%