Who are the Board of Supervisors?

May 24, 2018

Four of the five Humboldt County supervisor candidates at the May 10 public forum.
Credit Anne Maher / The Northcoast Environmental Center

Elections are coming up June 5, and that means it is time once again to vote for local measures and candidates, including the Board of Supervisors. For this EcoNews Report the Northcoast Environmental Center’s Anne Maher speaks to Mark Lovelace, former 3rd District Humboldt County Supervisor, about the roles and responsibilities the Board of Supervisors has, especially in regards to environmental work. Afterwards, hear the NEC’s questions to the candidates (and their responses) at the May 10 Humboldt County Supervisors Forum.

From the General Plan to clean water, the Board of Supervisors can make a huge impact on the future of any county. They influence land use policies, handle planning commission appeals such as the Mercer Fraser project, and other ongoing environmental topics.

The May 10 Humboldt County Supervisor Candidate Forum, filmed by Access Humboldt

While the NEC in no way intends to persuade voters to choose any particular candidate, we want to give background on the role the Board of Supervisors plays in each county, why that matters for environmental work in the area, and where you can learn more information about your candidates. As Lovelace states, "your voice carries a lot more weight" when you vote at the local level, "Democracy is really very direct and accessable. The simplest thing people can do to have a voice in it is to vote".

"The simplest thing people can do to have a voice in it is to vote."

Upcoming elections for the Board of Supervisors on the North Coast include Humboldt County’s 4th and 5th districts, Trinity County’s 1st and 4th, and Del Norte County’s 3rd and 4th. See the links below to find out more about the county you reside in.

Northcoast Environmental Center Executive Director Larry Glass presenting questions to the candidates at the May 10 Humboldt County public forum
Credit Anne Maher / The Northcoast Environmental Center

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