Wyoming Family and Humboldt Community Search For Missing HSU Student

Dec 5, 2017

Erin Henry, age 22, was reported missing to Arcata Police on November 25, 2017. She was last seen by her roommate at the 100 block of Samoa Boulevard in Arcata. Henry has a distinctive tattoo of a red poppy flower with an inscription on her left forearm.
Credit Find Erin Henry Facebook Page

UPDATE: HSU Mourns the Loss of Erin Henry


Twenty-two year old Erin Henry, a Humboldt State University student and resident of Arcata, has been missing for nearly 10 days. Her roommate reported her disappearance to the Arcata Police Department. Officials say Henry is without her phone, wallet and car which were all found at her residence.

On Tuesday, Arcata Police, University Police, faculty, staff as well as Henry’s family and friends gathered in Gist Hall at the HSU campus to discuss the situation and what the community can do to bring her home.

Officer Richard Bergstresser with Arcata Police said there are currently no definite leads in the case but they are continuing to utilize local and regional law enforcement agencies to find her.

“We have no verified sightings since then. We have been following up on a number of leads. We’ve worked with a lot of cooperating agencies including the Coast Guard, Crescent City PD, State Parks, the District Attorney’s Office, and quite a few others chasing down every lead we can,” Bergstresser said. “At this point, unfortunately, we don’t have a specific direction we can focus on yet, but we’re continuing to work every avenue we can.”

Bergstresser said it’s also important to not engage in speculation, especially on social media networks.

“One of the things we’ve learned about social media is that speculation becomes fact really fast and we don’t want people to take as fact things that we are still working on,” he said. Additionally, Bergstresser noted that a professional search party will take place on Wednesday to look for Henry.

Family and friends were also involved in search parties and continue to pass out flyers with Henry’s photo and a photo of her distinct forearm tattoo. It’s a red poppy flower with the name “Anna Rowland and the dates 1993 to 2016” around the stem of the flower.

Henry’s brother Ian expressed that his sister was a kind and caring individual who always put others above herself.

"Erin's a person who has always wanted to help people and she's going to school to be an advocate for people who are less fortunate. That's really what sets her apart and you can really tell that by how many people she's touched and by how many people showed up tonight. And I think people who know her can really attest to that," Ian said. 

He also said their family, who traveled from Wyoming, is doing everything they can to let people know about Henry’s disappearance.

"We're still asking that the public come forward with as much information as possible. Even anything little that you may not think is important. That's something that we feel like is very valuable to us that can try and help paint this picture," Ian said. 

According to the most recent press release by Arcata Police, Henry is described as a 22-year-old white female, 5 foot 8 inches, thin build with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Anyone with information on Henry's location is encouraged to contact either Arcata Police or HSU University Police. A Facebook page called Find Erin Henry has also been set up to discuss search parties, resources and possible leads.