The Treehouse Swing

The Treehouse Swing was a KHSU jazz program hosted by Dave Hamlin and DJ Ruffabilly in 2016-18

This is the description of the program after Dave Hamlin's death, when Mike Ruff, aka DJ Ruffabilly took over as the fulltime host:

Host  Dj Ruffabilly invites you to enjoy The Tree House Swing. It is a program of classic jazz, blues, swing bands, big bands, restored vintage recordings, and novelty songs from the pre-war era of the roaring 20's through the Post-War era of the 1950's. 

Old classics, rarities, and popular music from another time. Music from the Golden Age of Radio. Take a break from the modern world and enjoy radio from another era on the Tree House Swing and KHSU.

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We're sad to announce the passing of jazz host Dave Hamlin. He shared his knowledge of music of the 1920’s through 1950’s with co-host DJ Ruffabilly during Wednesday evening's The Treehouse Swing