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The KHSU Homepage
- Weekdays 1-1:30PM

Each weekday, The Homepage features an interview highlighting non-profit events, activities and items of general interest to the community. The show opens with a news update from NPR, the Community Calendar and regional weather, and you'll also hear regional news updates and regular Homepage features.

Homepage Executive Producer: Katie Whiteside
Monday: Hosted by Katie Whiteside, featuring Cosmic Calendar with Salina Rain.
Tuesday: Hosted by Danielle Orr, featuring Del Norte News with various hosts and School Days with Susan Andrews.
Wednesday: Hosted by Katie Whiteside, featuring The Q-Wire with Connor Jepson and Sue Buckley.
Thursday: Hosted by Lorna Bryant, featuring Chronologically Gifted: Conversations About Life After 50 hosted by Pamela Brown and Annie Diver-Stamnes weekly and Classics Now with Dick Stull and Mary Harper the third Thursday.
Friday:  Hosted by Danielle Orr, featuring Food for Thought produced by Jennifer Bell and Jessica Eden.

Food for Thought Blog with show archives

Through the Eyes of Women - Monday 1:30-2pm

Information on what women are doing in the world…women telling their stories. Current hosts are Corinne Frugoni, Kathleen Marshall, Amy Jester and Brenda Starr with occasional guest hosts lending a voice as well. Beth Rogers serves as the audio editor.

Through The Eyes of Women blog.

Executive Producer: Kathleen Marshall

Artwaves with Wendy Butler - Tuesday 1:30-2pm

An interview program showcasing visual, performing, and literary arts, primarily created in Humboldt and Del Norte counties, occasionally featuring guests of national and international renown. Interviews with educators and others whose work contribute to and have an effect on the arts community are also included.

To submit an interview request, to suggest guests or topics for future shows, or to request a copy of a program on CD, contact host, engineer and producer Wendy Butler

Bioneers  Revolution from the Heart of Nature - Wednesday 1:30-2pm

Show information

The Econews Report with Various Hosts- Thursday 1:30-2pm

Timely interviews on environmental issues that matter most on the North Coast, along with news and information on upcoming meetings, hikes and events. Engineered by Fred McLaughlin. Hosts include: Dan Ehresman - Northcoast Environmental Center; Scott Greacen - Friends of the Eel River; Jen Kalt - Humboldt Baykeeper; Jen Savage - Northcoast Environmental Center; Natalynne DeLapp - Environmental Protection Information Center.

The EcoNews Report has aired on KHSU for over 35 years and began as "The Environmental Report" started by Gregg McVickar (host of sydicated public radio show Undercurrents ) in Spring of 1975. The weekly guest at that time was John Amodio, then-director of the Northcoast Environmental Center, predecessor to Tim McKay who replaced Amodio at the NEC very shortly after. The renamed EcoNews Report came into its own under host McKay, longtime environmental activist and longtime Executive Director of the Northcoast Environmental Center.


Thursday Night Talk - Thursday 7:00-8:00pm

A weekly, one hour call-in talk show addressing a wide range of political and cultural issues. 

KHSU's call-in talk show, Thursday Night Talk has a new slate of alternating hosts starting February 2013, each with their own focus. Join the conversation on world and national politics, local affairs, authors, philosophy and our local economy.

Hosted by:

Kevin Hoover is Editor At Large at the Mad River Union newspaper, and former Editor, Publisher and Janitor at the now-defunct Arcata Eye. An Arcata resident since 1985, he enjoys writing, making music, the space program, hiking, animals and stewing over his many personal problems.

Local attorney and amateur political pundit Eric Kirk focuses  on issues of local to global importance in politics, religion, culture, and science, with an emphasis on cross-ideological dialogue and the constant reexamination of the credos and dogmas which govern each of us.

Long time radio activist Brenda Starr brings her free spirit, wit and humor to TNT. Exploring politics, community and the games people play, she awaits your calls during a segment called Flash where you the listener share your likes & dislikes of the week! Brenda is also a co-host of KHSU’s “Through The Eyes Of Women.”

To suggest guests or topics, offer feedback on the show, or to order a CD copy of a previous program, email or call the KHSU business office at 826-4807.

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To propose an interview on The KHSU Homepage, leave a voice message for Katie Whiteside at 707-826-4807 or email

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