This segment of the California Innocence Project features Charles Miles sharing the experience of his son's wrongful conviction and ultimate release from prison.

On this episode of the California Innocence Project, Guy Miles shares his story about a bad identification leading to wrongful conviction -- and 18 years in prison.

Thursday Night Talk: An Hour with Scott Budnick

Jan 29, 2018
Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Host Sharon Fennell spends the hour with Hollywood movie producer and Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) founder, Scott Budnick. Tune in for Scott's amazing story.

An innocent woman discusses re-entering her world outside of prison. She addresses the painful time spent away from her children and new possibilities for her future. 

The California Innocence Project (CIP) is a law school clinical program at California Western School of Law dedicated to releasing wrongfully convicted inmates. Students and staff attorneys have secured the release of many innocent people who otherwise may have spent the rest of their lives in prison.   Justin Brooks, co-founder of the California Innocence Project, discusses the origins of this effort to free unjustly incarcerated people. 

Here's A Story: Troy

Oct 31, 2017
Humboldt State University

Identity, sense of place and community. Life's journey: Troy shares a story.

Raising the Bar on Inmate Re-entry in Humboldt County

Oct 11, 2017
Through The Eyes of Women / KHSU

  Vanessa Vrtiak, Programs Coordinator for the Humboldt County Sheriffs Office (HCSO), and Stacy Farmer, founder of Sisters That Been There join us at KHSU’s studios to discuss the 3rd Annual Prisoner Re-entry Fair in the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. 

KHSU Archives

Sharon Fennell, a.k.a. Sista Soul, has heard it all. And through it all she has created a family where rhythm and lasting connection to her listeners run deep… especially in the still of the night. 

Sista Soul’s last installment of “Sista’s Place” was Sunday December 18.

Sista Soul Looks Back

Dec 7, 2016
Courtesy Sharon Fennell

Since 1980, Sharon Fennell, better known as Sista Soul, has broadcast her Bronx sensibilities over KHSU's airwaves and through prison walls. Her final show airs Sunday, Dec. 18.

The Campus Dialogue on Race (CDOR) is an annual event at Humboldt State University that invites students, staff, faculty, administrators, and community members to present and attend programs that relate to racial justice and its intersections with all forms of oppression and resistance.  This year's Dialogue will run from October 31 – November 4, 2016.   The Keynote speaker is Ian Haney López who is the John H. Boalt Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, where he teaches in the areas of race and constitutional law. You are invited to submit workshop proposals at