On this episode of Food For Thought, Jennifer Bell continues her discussion with Kate Brown from Cultured Life Food.

They discuss making gomasio using locally sourced salt and quinoa flour sourced from locally grown grain.

HSU Masters student, Yojana Miraya joins Jennifer Bell to share a bit about growing up with quinoa as a community staple in the Andes of Peru.

Thursday Night Talk: Quinoa on the Menu

Nov 30, 2016
Youtube screenshot via Humfoodgirl


"We started messing around with quinoa, just in a small way, a number of years ago," local farmer Blake Richard says.

"We were dry farming it - not watering it - and that's the way we still grow it." Humboldt has the ideal climate for domestic quinoa production, What opportunities does this grain provide for local farmers? Yana Valachovic explores Humboldt’s production of quinoa.