Black is the Body

Black is the Body: Stories from My Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, and Mine is Emily Bernard’s latest book. It is illuminating in its vulnerability, its honesty - and its frank examination of race and being female in our ever challenging society.

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Kansas Campuses Prepare For Guns In Classrooms

Mar 22, 2016

Next summer, in addition to textbooks, laptops and double-strength coffee, Kansas college students will be able to bring something else to class: guns.

By July 2017, all six state universities plus dozens of community colleges and technical schools must allow students to carry concealed weapons on campus.

The reason for the change was simple: to make schools safer.

Editor's note: In the wake of terrorist attacks around the world, many Muslims feel called upon to publicly defend their faith, a faith many say is not accurately reflected in the stated or assumed motivations behind such attacks. Writer Beenish Ahmed has struggled with this responsibility all her life and shared her thoughts in this essay published by Code Switch as news was unfolding of the attacks in Brussels.

So you walk into the new Korean joint around the corner and discover that (gasp) the head chef is a white guy from Des Moines. What's your gut reaction? Do you want to walk out? Why?

The question of who gets to cook other people's food can be squishy — just like the question of who gets to tell other people's stories. (See: the whole controversy over the casting of the new Nina Simone biopic.)



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Oregon lawmakers looking to raise $1 billion in tax revenue to invest in public schools heard a familiar message Thursday: “Yes … and?”

Early childhood advocates, supporters of increased mental health resources, students calling for smaller class sizes and expanded programs — they all urged the Joint Committee on Student Success to approve the $1 billion plan to support K-12 schools.



Tame Impala's really committing to its new, lustrous yacht-rock sound with its latest single.

Jazz, that forever-rising dough of American music, is in a leavened state right now. A big part of the recipe is the saxophone—you’ve probably heard the words “Kamasi Washington” in conjunction with the notion that jazz is “back”—but a more fertile ingredient lately is the drum set. Similar to the acid-jazz explosion in the 1990s, rhythm is the backbone in jazz’s new sound, but it’s changed; you’re likely to hear influences of hip-hop producer J.

Sacramento Teachers Picket Outside Schools In One-Day Strike Amid Budget Crisis

The Sacramento City Unified School District is calling for unity with teachers to avoid a state takeover after 2,500 employees staged a one-day strike Thursday.Reporter: Pauline Bartolone

The spaceship hurtling away from Earth is staffed with men and women sprung from death row to aid in a mysterious science experiment. The once-condemned crew believe they’ve been given a chance to redeem themselves and do one final good deed for humanity. Only later, as their signals to Earth begin to go unanswered and their true mission comes into focus, do they realize they have in fact been condemned twice.