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Listen to the Tuesday, Oct. 9 Artwaves for continued coverage of the premier Against the Wind Festival , created by local volunteers to draw attention to the danger of nuclear proliferation as well as raise money for the multiple-year voyage of the Golden Rule "peace boat." The festival will be held this Sunday, Oct. 14 through Sunday, Oct. 21. Wendy Butler speaks with John Heckel who directs the festival's centerpiece, the 1959 play "Which Way the Wind?" with performances Oct. 19-21 at Arcata Playhouse. Also on the Oct. 9 Artwaves is an interview with Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy, who speaks about the Sing Our Rivers Red traveling earring exhibition at the HSU Goudi’ni Gallery. SORR’s events seek to “bring awareness to the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women and colonial gender-based violence” across North America. There are also connected events occurring with this exhibit including a Sewing Circle tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10 a.m. and Thursday at 2 p.m. and a Gallery Talk this Friday, Oct. 12 at noon. Phone the gallery office at (707) 826-3629, email or for more information.

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In late August of 2018, protestors briefly halted work at the Humboldt Redwood Company's mill in Scotia. Tom Wheeler hosted Thursday Night Talk on Sept. 06 to examine whether this is a new skirmish in the Timber War and whether there was ever a Timber War to begin with. Wheeler's guests include Greg King, Executive Director of the Siskiyou Land Conservancy, Darren Speece, historian and author of Defending Giants: The Redwood Wars and the Transformation of American Environmental Politics, and Rob DiPerna of the Enivornmental Protection and Information Center (EPIC.)

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces a second round of questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. He's expected to be questioned about his views on previous Supreme Court cases, as well as a range of policy issues. Kavanaugh is also likely to be questioned about his work on Ken Starr's independent counsel investigation of former President Bill Clinton, and his time working in the White House under former President George W. Bush.

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Tune in Artwaves this Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 1:30 p.m. for Wendy Butler’s interview with director Kaitlyn Samuel and actors Joan Schirle and Christina Jioras. The topic is Redwood Curtain theater’s latest production. Jordan Harrison’s Marjorie Prime is on stage Sept. 6-29. The play challenges our desire to protect truthful often painful memories versus our desire to revise those     memories in favor of finding resolution and happiness.

On this week's Thursday Night Talk, Yana Valachovic spoke with three regional scientists to help us understand what is really going on with wildfire in California. The Carr, Mendocino Complex, Wine Country, Ferguson and Thomas Fires have burned homes in unexpected places, taken many lives, filled our skies with smoke, and for many leads to the question of what can be done?  Together they explored whether or not this is the “new normal” and what we can do to become better fire adapted.

North Coast Journal News Editor Thad Greenson previews Kristin Kirby's cover story on turmoil at KHSU and how Humboldt State University, listeners and the community hope to chart its future.

Editor Jennifer Fumiko Cahill talks about the return of Kentucky Fried Chicken to Eureka. The fast food franchise has been in the city before, this is the third location. Fumiko Cahill gives a window into the costs of fast food franchise ownership and the re-purposing of Broadway's ill-fated Blue Heron Motel property.

What do the 100 most beloved books  say about who we are? "The Great American Read " is a new PBS series that answers that question and more. PBS North Coast (KEET) kicks off the eight-part series with a sneak preview in the Eureka Theater on September 11th starting at 6 pm.

The Tuesday, Aug. 28 Artwaves program includes Wendy Butler’s interview with people involved in the Veterans For Peace Golden Rule Project. On Sept. 9, the historic Golden Rule boat will embark on a "Peace in the Pacific" voyage across the globe, and to support said voyage as well as awareness of the dangers of nuclear proliferation the Against the Wind festival will take place in October at Arcata Playhouse and HSU. On the second half of the Aug. 28 Artwaves program, Fortuna author/editor/teacher Cecelia Holland speaks about her years of teaching creative writing classes at Pelican Bay State Prison, and her recently published book "My Brother's Keeper," stories and poetry written by her students at Pelican Bay. Holland will give a reading from the book tonight (Wednesday, Aug. 29) at 6 p.m. at the Del Norte County Library in Crescent City. She will also offer a question-answer session following the reading.

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On this segment of Looking Back, Tom Cairns discusses some regional California history with grizzly bears. 

The public is invited to attend KHSU's Community Advisory Board (CAB) meeting Wednesday, August 29, 2018 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS) 166 (see map below), on the campus of Humboldt State University. 

The purpose of the meeting is to obtain public input regarding any aspect of KHSU's programming and operations. Meetings are held monthly and always open to the public. For more information, please contact KHSU at 707-826-4807. 

Brenda Perez and Emily Velez of Centro Del Pueblo talk about SB 54, the California State Sanctuary Bill and Measure K - A sanctuary law for Humboldt County to enhance local control of our public safety dollars; expand community safety; and help keep families together.


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President Trump warned at his rally in Pennsylvania on Wednesday night that if his party loses in November's midterm elections, the "radical Democrat mob" will take away everything he's achieved since his election, while encouraging crime and socialism.

It was an echo of a tweet he sent over the weekend and used again at a rally in Iowa on Tuesday — giving rise to a line that Republicans have been quick to seize upon as they try to sustain a newly-enthused GOP base in the wake of the divisive confirmation battle for now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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