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Echoes of War

Echoes of War is an original performance that documents veterans, their families and survivors of war and their experiences of coming home. Featuring live music and local participants, this original production premiered October 22-25 at the Arcata Playhouse.

Veterans, their families and survivors of war take the stage to present their experiences of coming home. Echoes of War has three elements: recording stories for a local audio archive and the Library of Congress, a live presentation of stories and a radio broadcast.

Among the participants are Vietnam veterans, a National Guardsman who served in Afghanistan, a Bosnian Muslim who fled her home in Sarajevo, a Jewish woman who was able to get out of Germany, but at the expense of a long absence from her family, a veteran of Iraq and a Navy veteran who now participates annually in the Run to the Wall every Memorial Day.

Echoes of War part II

Through a series of workshops over a six-week period, co-producer and local storyteller, Ali Freedlund has guided participants in the art of storytelling and they have crafted their experiences into pieces to present at the Arcata Playhouse. Concurrently, co-producer and audio engineer Tammy Rae Scott has been collecting audio interviews and images from the community at large.  Directors ZuzkaSabata and Jacqueline Dandeneau will craft the live storytellers interspersed audio interviews, visual images and live music to create the final production of Echoes of War. The stage production and audio interviews were edited, remastered  and broadcast on KHSU. 

Echoes of War was partially funded by the California Humanities Community Stories project.