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Business Underwriting & Sponsorship

Businesses, organizations, and nonprofits reap measurable benefits when they sponsor KHSU Public Radio which is available to more than 150,000 potential listeners throughout Northern Coast.

Underwriting on KHSU is a proven way to distinguish your business or organization and effectively inform listeners — about your business, organization, or event.

Benefits of Corporate Support Sponsorships

  • Access a Difficult-to-Reach Audience: Public radio listeners represent a concentrated audience comprised of educated, affluent, and engaged consumers and business decision-makers. Public radio listeners are steadfastly loyal often representing an exclusive audience not accessible via other mediums.
  • Create a Strong Emotional Bond with Listeners: 75% of public radio listeners state that when price and quality are equal, they prefer to buy from companies and organizations that support public radio. 88% of public radio listeners have a more positive opinion of a company when it supports public radio. Long story short, corporate sponsorships create an emotional bond between sponsors and the public radio audience.
  • Clarity: Unlike commercial advertising, your underwriting message doesn’t need to compete in a cluttered environment — it stands out and is heard.
  • Active Listeners: KHSU Public Radio listeners don’t just listen — they get involved. They're leaders in their communities. They’re decision-makers — people on whom your message will have an impact.
  • Combine Philanthropy with Marketing: Public radio sponsorship blends effective marketing and philanthropy. KHSU is recognized as a highly respected non-profit organization supporting the communities it serves while reaching a significant radio and online audience.

To become an Underwriter / Sponsor on KHSU or to request information, fill out the form below and click send. We’ll respond within 24 hours of receiving your request.

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