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Through The Eyes of Women: 2018: Have I Done Something Wrong? Or Are You A Hijackal?

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

We’re always mystified. Even though we’ve all experienced it. One day you’ve got a great relationship with a person who makes you feel like you could fly if you set your mind to it, then suddenly a switch has been flipped. Nothing you’re doing is right. You’re second guessing it all, desperate to fix it. Have you failed with this relationship? Are you unfit for society? Doomed to a life of lonely ineptitude?
Or have you met a hijackal?

“Hijackal” is a term coined by Dr. Rhoberta Shaler to name the malignant, sociopathic narcissists crashing through our lives like the proverbial turd in the punch bowl of our homes, workplaces and wallets. Sometimes, they just need us to feel lousy so they can feel good. Sometimes, they’re manipulating us with larger goals of control that can extend into parenting, careers, finances, every corner of our world. Either way, the harm they do is real.
Shaler is a relationship counselor who has met many hijackals in her practice. She wants us to know that they are definitely walking among us, and their numbers are growing. This is why Shaler has written an ebook series about identifying hijackals and freeing ourselves from them, and this summer she is releasing “Stop Tolerating Abuse.”
No need to live in fear! We don’t have to look under every rock for a hijackal, and we don’t have to tolerate them. We just need to arm ourselves with information. Good luck!

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