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KHSU's Lorna Bryant, Peter Fretwell and Jessica Eden discuss the Voice of Diversity Initiative.

This program initiative will include oral history and storytelling about the experiences of the diverse residents of the North Coast, based on the belief that human stories build bridges.


We’ve heard the news, but we want to know what really happened.  That’s what Reveal is all about: finding out what’s going on behind the scenes, hidden from public view.

KHSU premieres the program Friday, August 4th at 7 p.m. Please listen and tell us what you think

Hosted by Al Letson and produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. Reveal presents original work from CIR's team along with various partners.

Charmaine Lawson, mother of Josiah Lawson, spoke about her son and his legacy. She's joined by David's cousin Keesha Weaver in the studio and her sister Ameera Acuna on the phone.

KHSU's Lorna Bryant attended the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee for The Race Beat. Item 7 of the agenda states: "McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee to decide on future agenda item concerning allegations of racism in McKinleyville. The McMAC may or may not choose to place the item on a future agenda."  

Join Brenda Starr and guest Doc Stull for their annual sports talk revue: 

Joe DiMaggio's “streak”, the discus thrower, sportswriters & announcers, politics, art and jazz.  

LadyBEAST's Transistance cast

  New Orleans-based LadyBEAST Productions is on a national tour with its Vaude D'Gras "Transistance" show. It's coming to the Mateel Community Center in Redway on July 11. Wendy interviews organization founder and one of the performers LadyBEAST by phone. Smokey Bill Harper is having an exhibition of his black-and-white photographs in a show titled "Having Fun from the Desert to Crescent City." The exhibit is on display at the Del Norte County Courthouse, Crescent City, through August 10. Wendy interviews Smokey Bill Harper by phone.

SO you think you don't have any plans for July 4th? WRONG! SAD! Celebrate the holiday and pick up a few classified secrets by listening to the Capitol Steps as they poke fun at today's news with their brand new, one-hour 4th of July romp. This special promises to be huge, fantastic, tremendous...believe me, believe me.


On this episode of North Coast Update, Susan Andrews reports that True North Organizing Network and the Klamath Local Organizing Committee brought together community leaders to address the lack of recreational opportunities for Klamath youth. 

New Shows Coming To KHSU

Jun 28, 2017

After a long run on KHSU, Car Talk heads into the radio sunset* to make way for new programming. Saturday at 10, you'll hear two half-hour programs and KHSU is eager to hear your feedback. 

Planet Money: Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening. That's what we're going for at Planet Money. People seem to like it.

Wendy Butler talks to co-organizers of the first Trinidad Bay Art and Music Festival coming up August 25-27.

Also on today's Artwaves, learn about Matthew Lopez' "The Legend of Georgia McBride" at Redwood Curtain Theater. The show previews on Thursday and Friday, July 6 and 7, and runs through July.
Log photo: Sam Howzit (CC 2.0 SA)

Forestry is one of the North Coast's most emblematic industries. But what do modern foresters do, and how does it affect this community? On this Thursday Night Talk, it's a silviculture special.

With heavy hearts, we are saddened to announce the unexpected passing of longtime host Walter Natzler. 

Black Faun Gallery Facebook

Eureka’s Black Faun Gallery presents “Remote Wilderness,” new works by three Humboldt County artists: painter, Andrea Castillo; ceramic sculptor, Greg Lysander; and mixed media artist, Johnathon DeSoto.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, July 1 during Arts Alive and features music from KHSU's own Pandemonium Jones.

The trio will give an artist talk at the gallery on Saturday, July 8 at 4:00 p.m.


The local NAACP is calling for stricter moderation rules on local media comment sections. Is this call to action an act against our 1st amendment rights? 

Would you like to hear live brass music in a botanical garden? Or see a Dell'Arte show about the State of Jefferson? Yes? Good news! 

Summer Solstice Brass is June 18th at Humboldt Botanical Garden.

And this year's Mad River Festival (June 15 - July 15) includes the world premiere of "State of Jefferson Picnic: This land is your land but mostly my land."

Learn more about both shows on this episode of Artwaves. 

[UPDATE: This has concluded, but you can watch the replay and see transcripts below.] Attorney General Jeff Sessions is testifying before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  He is expected to field questions about Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election, the ongoing investigation of Russian contacts with Trump campaign and administration officials, and the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey. Watch here or listen live on KHSU-BBC 103.3/90.1.


John Craater/Facebook

Tom Wheeler talks to Rick Tolley about a benefit art show upstairs at Umpqua Bank in Arcata that includes work from Karuk youth paintouts, art safaris, and Orleans elementary schoolkids.  The artwork benefits the Mid Klamath Watershed Council.

Also, Rob Diperna with EPIC talks about the Paris Accord, and potential strategies to sidestep America's withdrawal from it.
Bryan Costales, licensed CC BY-SA 3.0

Blackburn & Snow was a Bay Area-based musical duo featuring KHSU's Halimah the Dreamah. The band was at ground zero of San Francisco's musical counterculture during the legendary Summer of Love.

Halimah talks to Bob Doran about the Summer of Love, performing at the Magic Mountain Music Festival, and some of her musical experiences.

[UPDATE: This webcast has now concluded, but you can still view/rewind for highlights.]


Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday about his conversations with President Donald Trump and the FBI's investigation of possible Trump campaign connections to Russia.

This week, Marimba music has echoed through the halls at Humboldt State, due to the International Katarzyna Myćka Marimba Academy. World-renown Marimba soloist Katarzyna Myćka and Marimba One founder Ron Samuels talk to Wendy Butler about the melodic percussion instrument. - used with permission

This week on Artwaves, learn about Raven Project's two-year collaboration with Dell'Arte. They'll present Checked In: A Queer Cabaret, featuring poetry, songs, and theatrical performances by queer youth at Synapsis during Arts Alive, June 3 at 7pm.

Also on this week's show, enjoy a preview of North Coast Open Studios. Artists across Humboldt will open up their creative spaces for a countywide celebration of process and place.

"We don't encourage microphone singing," says Humboldt Light Opera Company's Carol Ryder.  She and HLOC work to instill traditional musical theater skills in local youth. She's joined by  Caleb Weiss and Abby Hasting-Tharpe, two of nine Humboldt youth bound for New York City's Broadway Student Summit. Two benefit concerts (June 2 & 3, 7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Bayside) will benefit that trip.

Additionally, HLOC's KidCo is hosting summer camps soon. 

National Park Service

"So a professor, and environmentalist, and a fisherman walk into a bar... " That's how host Tom Wheeler opens this salmon-focused episode of the EcoNews Report.

"I  think what we've established here tonight is that we have vast hiking riches," says Kevin Hoover. 

On this week’s Thursday Night Talk, it’s all about trails and the people who create, maintain, and document them.

Today on Artwaves, Wendy Butler and guests discuss two local theater offerings: Dell'Arte's Thesis Festival and North Coast Rep's production of the Gilbert & Sullivan classic HMS Pinafore.

Amy Goodman spoke in Eureka on Sunday to a packed room.

John Montague - used with permission

Have you seen a rhino on 101? 

Matt Meyer of tells Tom Wheeler that he's not a cyclist. He is, however, a safari guide and conservationist who says that a rhino is poached once every 8 hours. 

He's towing  this sculpture by bike down the west coast, which he says is "home to some of the most intense illicit wildlife trade in the US."

In this episode, Wheeler drops a pop quiz on Meyer as they discuss the plight of the rhino. [Click for video]

Facebook, The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary  presents “Subjective Realities”, sculptural works by Benjamin Funke and students from College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University. The show, opening Friday for Arts Arcata, incorporates 3D design across a wide range of media. 

"We wanted the show to have a broad title, and we felt that subjective realities could be applied to each person's own viewpoint and still have room to play wth each person's viewpoint," Funke tells Wendy Butler. Funke is joined by Carissa Clark and Kody Barnes for this episode of Artwaves.

Lorna Bryant hosted a special Race Beat Radio town hall.

Local officials, Humboldt State representatives and spokesmen from the HSU organization, Brothers United, provided official statements related to the David Josiah Lawson murder case to quell fears, rumors and misinformation.


Wendy Butler talks with members of the Humboldt County Teen Court about their upcoming art show.

Also on the program,  Natalie Craig and Marceau Verdiere talk about their show at Black Faun gallery (pictured).