Pam Brown

Pam Brown co-hosts Chronologically Gifted.

Shortly after completing my Master’s degree in Social Work in 1976, I was offered a teaching position at a university in the north of Norway.  While unsure if this was such a good decision, I accepted the position, leaving my home in southern California for the arctic regions of Scandinavia to teach in the first Bachelor’s in Social Work Program that far north.  It was six years before I returned to the USA, but left in place strong and positive relationships with colleagues that have been my partners on various international research projects over the last 15 years.  I continued to teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels until my retirement from Humboldt State University in 2012.

This new century has been challenging with the death of my husband, mother, and dog, as well as some close friends.  There have been changes I did not choose, ending traditions that mean a lot to me…like large holiday dinners.  It seems this last third of my life is about transition.  I see old age as a gift, even though I can’t always find my “self” in this new identity.  It is important to me to fully and joyfully inhabit my 65-year-old self, as I’ve done at every other age in my life.  

And yet, I admit that this last part is not so easy to navigate! I look forward to how our conversations in the weekly programs might add to the beauty and smartness of growing older. 

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