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Thursday Night Talk: The Making Of A Protestor

What motivates political protest? One researcher attended the RNC and another attended the DNC. On the next Thursday Night Talk, they swap notes, share their findings, and take your questions. 

Brenda Starr is joined by Dr. Amber Gaffney and two students who surveyed demonstrators at both the Republican and Democrat National Conventions this summer. Populism, Collective Action, Identity Politics and more starting at 7 September 22. Your calls are welcome.

Sam Woods is an HSU senior and Berkeley Kijsriopas is an HSU Academic Research Master's student and they are doing their thesis with Dr. Gaffney-HSU Dept. of Psychology. Berkeley attended the RNC while Sam attended the DNC. They were researching motivations for political protest, support for populism, and collective action. They will share data and stories of their time with the demonstrators.


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