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How Humboldt Voted (Final report, Unofficial)

Most of the votes are in.

Up north, Both Del Norte and Curry counties followed the nation: Trump beat Clinton. Roughly 56/34 in both counties. Here's how Humboldt voted for a few key issues and candidates. 

Humboldt County Final Results (unofficial)

Humboldt Results

  1. Humboldt bucks Trump's national winning trend, putting Clinton ahead at 54%. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein each have 3% countywide
  2. Marijuana legalization passed: 60/40 
  3. Plastic bag ban (Prop 67): 53/47
  4. Eureka picked progressive Austin Allison over John Fullerton for city council at 51/49
  5. Measure V (Rent control) has a comfortable lead: 55/44
  6. Kamela Harris took Humboldt: 68/32
  7. Congressman Jared Huffman stays.

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