The Animals' Day Off

Dec 8, 2017


School cafeterias across the nation are sowing healthier futures for their students by serving more plant-based meals. The kids come home asking for kale and the benefits are dramatic, as obesity rates, greenhouse gas emissions, and even costs, go down. 

We talk with school food service directors Rosa Rubio and Miguel Villarreal, registered dietitian Becky Ramsing, and farm and climate specialist Sujatha Bergen. Learn how to bring Meatless Mondays to your local schools and get tips on eating healthier for ourselves and the planet. 

Music:  Dlay, Scott Holmes, Shake That Little Foot



For Parents and Community:

Advocacy Toolkit


For Schools:

Forward Food       

Free training for school and other institutional food service programs


Meatless Monday      K-12 Implementation Guide and Cookbook


Chef Ann Foundation    training, menus, and more


For Everyone:

Eat Low Carbon      interactive website with lookup of common foods