Batteries Save the Day

Jun 11, 2018

Sterling, MA needed power at night. Instead of building a new power plant, they installed a giant battery to store daytime solar energy for nighttime use.  Oxnard, CA fought off a dirty power plant by proving that it was cheaper to store solar energy.  Utility scale batteries are knocking power plants off the drawing board in communities around the country. 

Learn how they work and why they're an essential part of the grid of the future.

Guests:  Carmen Ramirez Oxnard Mayor Pro Tem,  Sean Hamilton Sterling Municipal Light,  Josh Castonguay Green Mountain Power, Craig Lewis The Clean Coalition, Peter Alstone HSU Environmental Engineering

Music: Los Sundayers "La Jeta", Pianochocolate "Pianochocolate", Josh Woodward "Once Tomorrow", Scott Holmes "Shine Bright", Alexander Ossipov "Ascending"