CA Attorney General To Enforce Data Privacy Law

1 hour ago

New State Budget Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

As California wrestles with the costs of the coronavirus pandemic, leaders in the state legislature have struck a deal on a framework for a new state budget. But this new budget  leaves a lot of questions unanswered.Reporter: Scott Shafer, KQED

Privacy Groups Oppose New Facial Recognition Bill

The ability of artificial intelligence programs to recognize people’s faces has many governments and businesses around the world salivating at its possible applications. In California, a bill introduced in the State Assembly attempts to create ground rules for the development and use of facial recognition. But civil rights and digital privacy groups oppose the bill.Guest: Hayley Tsukayama,  Electronic Frontier Foundation 

CA Attorney General To Enforce Data Privacy Law

Companies that gather your information online were hoping the California Attorney General’s office would delay enforcing the state’s landmark consumer privacy law. It appears they might have another thing coming. Reporter: Rachael Myrow, KQED

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