Chronologically Gifted: Blase Bonpane on Activism - Part II

Jul 13, 2017

Office of the Americas Director Blase Bonpane
Credit Office of the Americas

Office of the Americas Director Blase Bonpane, a passionate lifelong advocate for peace and the planet, stated, "Our wars are not defensive.  They are aggressive, and they are thereby illegal internationally.  Our people have the right to oppose them, and real patriots would oppose them because they'd like to save the planet which is in danger.  The planet cannot be sustained with perpetual war. It can't take it.  The air can't take it.  The oceans can't take it."  In addition to his decades of work with OOA, Blase is an author, the host of the radio program World Focus which airs on Pacifica Radio station KPFK in Los Angeles, and a lifelong activist.