Chronologically Gifted: David Scheerer on Activism

Jun 29, 2017

Professor and filmmaker David Scheerer

In commenting about activism and his work in film at this stage of his life, professor and filmmaker David Scheerer said, "I not only have a sense of mastery of the medium to a degree - I'll never master it, but I'm better than I was 20 years ago, but I also have an understanding that I can tell these messages and be blunt and direct.  

Time is of the essence.  As I age, I realize that I don't have as many days on my calendar as I did when I was 20.  So I'm a little more passionate about it, not waiting around and hoping things come together.  I'm more involved in bringing about the change."  David has scripted, produced, and directed a wide range of films, including his latest entitled Locally Grown: America's Food Revolution.