Chronologically Gifted: Jon Pynoos on Cross-Generational Relationships

Apr 13, 2017

Dr. Jon Pynoos, UPS Foundation Professor of Gerontology, Policy and Planning
Credit University of Southern California

Dr. Jon Pynoos is the UPS Foundation Professor in the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, the author of six books and many articles on housing and the elderly, and an advocate for aging in place.  While a graduate student studying urban planning at Harvard in his early 20s, he met a 73-year-old woman named Dorothy Benton who became a close friend.  It is a marvelous story of the beauty and lifelong impact of cross-generational friendships.  He said, "She definitely changed my life.  I wouldn't be in the field of aging if I hadn't encountered her.  I feel like I owe her a debt."