Creativity abounds at Third Street Gallery

Aug 15, 2018

This week’s Artwaves is an interview about the “Dog Summer: Young Alumni-2018” exhibition at Humboldt State University’s Third Street Gallery in Eureka. But as important it is also a commemoration of two decades of academic and public service. 

This gallery was first opened in 1998 on First Street as the First Street Gallery and then relocated a couple of years ago to Third Street hence the name change. This gallery has served the community as well as served as a vital part of HSU art students’ completion of their HSU Art Museum & Gallery Practices certificates. HSU graduate Annie Valdes and HSU senior Bernadette McConnell join Artwaves to discuss their art as well as their art studies at HSU which for both have included gratifying work at Third Street Gallery and their hopes for the continuance of the certificate program.

This scene is from the "drain" portion of Annie Valdes' stop-motion animation titled "Fascination" about two hairs falling in love. Valdes told Artwaves that viewers told her they went from feeling this was "gross" to feeling true "empathy" for the subjects. Image coutesy of Annie Valdes