EcoNews Report Roundup: Latest environmental news stories

Jun 28, 2018

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Credit Northcoast Environmental Center

  13 Environmental stories in 30 minutes - that's the EcoNews Roundup!

On today’s EcoNews Report Roundup Larry Glass, NEC's Executive Director, and Bella Waters, NEC's Admin & Development Director, cover the following news stories:

  1. Humboldt Baykeeper, joins other conservation groups in a lawsuit challenging the Trump administrations decision to delay the Obama-era Clean Water Rule, also known as Waters of the U.S., or WOTUS rule.
  2. Under Legal Threat From Feds, Van Duzen Gravel Miner Charged With Polluting and Altering Course of the River Agrees to Clean Up Mess
  3. Plastic Straws and reminder about Plastic Free July -
  4. Container Deposit Laws being discussed as one solution for the troubling volume of plastics entering the ocean.
  5. Trinity County Roundup and the latest corruption in the Planning Department -
  6. NEC and EPIC file Complaint Against U.S. Forest Service and Mercer-Fraser Co. Over Operations at Willow Creek Property
  7. The Humboldt Marten is Being Recommended for Protection Under California’s Endangered Species Act, courtesy of EPIC:
  8. Medford’s BLM Timber Cuts threaten Great Gray Owl. Comments period is open.
  9. Arcata Farmer Charged with animal cruelty.
  10. Interior Secretary Zinke has ties with Halliburton corruption.
  11. Great Redwood Trail Act - C.A.T.S. standpoint
  12. S.A.FE.’s PEIR CDFA
  13.  ‘Breathing Better May Be An Added Benefit of Biodiversity’ according to a U.S.Forest Service Press Release regarding a New Zealand study

If you have suggestions for stories to be reported on the next issue of the EcoNews Roundup, please email the NEC office.