English Express connects ESL students with Humboldt community

Dec 21, 2017

Baykeeper Tours Coordinator Jasmin Segura with English Express students and teacher Mary Ann Hytken.
Credit Photo by English Express

Baykeeper’s Tours Coordinator Jasmin Segura partners with English Express founder Mary Ann Hytken to provide guest lectures and tours of Humboldt Bay aboard the H/V Madaket for ESL students and their families. English Express is so much more than an English Language school!

Jasmin and I spoke with Mary Ann Hytken, Ray Valdivia, and Spencer Graey of English Express, about how they offer community services, field trips, and English lessons for ESL students from Cambodia, China, Chile, Columbia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Japan, Laos, Mexico, Pakistan, Senegal, Thailand, and the Ukraine. 

English Express is a nonprofit organization funded by grants and donations. Services are provided at no cost to students. You can support their work through Sponsor-a-Student.

Learn more at http://humboldtenglishexpress.org.