Eureka to Discuss Return of Indian Island to Wiyot People

Dec 4, 2018

Indian Island is lcoated in Humboldt Bay between Woodley Island and the Samoa Peninsula.

The Eureka City Council is will start the discussion process on returning Indian Island to the Wiyot Tribe. Indian Island is described as a parcel of land in Humboldt Bay between Woodley Island and the Samoa Peninsula.

It was home to a number of tribal villages including the Tuluwat. The island has a brutal history of its original native population being massacred by white settlers in 1860. According to the council’s agenda, city officials plan to hold the public hearing on the return of Indian Island and also adopt a resolution where they will negotiate the transfer. 

In 2000 the Wiyot Tribe purchased the 1.5 acres of Indian Island through grassroots efforts and in 2004, the tribe had recieved more than 40 acres from the city of Eureka. More than a decade later, the Eureka City Council unanimously decided to retrun the rest of the parcel to the Wiyot People. 

In 2016, Tribal Chairman Ted Hernandez told KHSU that the return of Indian Island was a process of healing between both the tribe and the city. That same year, the tribe protested an outspoken member of the community, Rob Arkley, who opposed the return of the land to the Wiyot Tribe. More information on Indian Island can be found here.

**The Eureka City Council meeting takes place today (Tuesday) December 4, 2018 at 6 p.m. The meeting location is in the council chambers at 531 K Street in Eureka.