Eureka Election Results Project Progressive and Democratic Party Wins

Nov 7, 2018

Ward 1 Eureka City Council Candidate Leslie Castellano celebrates with Progressive Party in Humboldt County late Tuesday night.
Credit Natalya Estrada


The Humboldt County Elections Office released the final results early Wednesday morning with projections favoring several Democratic and Progressive candidates for the Eureka Mayor, Ward 1, 3 and 5 candidates. 

Susan Seaman ended election night ahead in the votes with a 44 percent lead over both Michelle Constantine with 30 percent and Heidi MMessner with 25 percent. Incumbents for city council seats in Ward 3 and 5 maintained their spots in council. However, due to previous changes in the Eureka Ward System via Measure P in 2016, Eureka Councilmember Kim Bergel ran against Joe Bonino for Ward 5. Eureka Councilmember Natalie Arroyo ran against two challengers, John Fullerton and Jeannie Breslin for Ward 3. Both Bergel and Arroyo were successful in winning their council seats. Bergel lead with 62 percent of the votes while Bonino held 37 percent of the votes. Arroyo leading with 51 percent of the votes. Challengers Fullerton ended with 31 percent while Breslin ended with 18 percent. 

Progressive candidate Leslie Castellano moved ahead in the final election results with a 48 percent lead over Republican candidate Anthony Mantova who ended the night with 24 percent. On Tuesday night, Castellano addressed a crowd of supporters and other political candidates and Measure K supporters at The Siren's Song Tavern in Old Town Eureka. 

"All of us are here to work for societies that we believe in that are visionary and radical. That include opportunities for everyone, that include respect for the planet we live on. So thank you for being here, everyone," Castellano said prior to the final round of election results being released. 

Eureka Ward 1 candidate Anthony Mantova (far left) talks with supporters at Chapala during an election night party in Old Town.
Credit Natalya Estrada

Several blocks away, at Chapala restaurant, Mantova sat with other conservative or Republican candidates running for Eureka city council or Mayor seats. He was optimistic during the first few reports even with him trailing behind a small margin. 

Post-election results, Castellano said she's excited to be done campaigning and plans to work within the community in productive and meaningful ways. 

"Campaigning is intense and it's not always positive but I think that really our community does want positive growth and leadership. I think that was reflected in the decisions made last night," Castellano said. 

Upon reflection, Castellano said she felt nervous about the results coming in during election night, but that she tried to focus less on winning or losing and instead on the work she wanted to get done. 

"There were times last night where it took a little while for the Ward 1 results to come in so it was a little nerve wracking but we were having a great dance party so I could focus on that," Castellano said. 

Eureka Ward 1 candidate Anthony Mantova said he won’t be releasing a statement until all the votes are counted.