Eureka to Further Review Needle Exchange Program

Aug 7, 2018

Screenshot of the North Coast Journal
Credit North Coast Journal

The Eureka City Council will further discuss the future of a controversial needle exchange program under the Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction, known also as HACHR. The North Coast Journal’s Thadeous Greenson spoke with KHSU last week about how this program impacts Eureka resdients. They also published an article on what happened at a previous city council meeting where council members discussed the fate of HACHR. 

“The conversation on the council got to the point where a city council member actually asked one of HACHR's staffers directly, 'Do you guys provide drugs to clients coming in?' which is kind of giving way to this rumor that's been swirling on social media sites and stuff like that," Greenson said. 

The council’s agenda states it will accept a report from the syringe stakeholder group and establish a community advisory board or rescind the resolution made in 2016 that supported the syringe exchange program by HACHR.

The meeting is today and starts at 6 p.m. at Eureka City Hall. which is located at 531 K Street in Eureka. KHSU's full interview with Thadeous Greenson is below.