Eureka Women's March So White

Dec 31, 2018

L-R: Beth Wylie, Allison Edrington, Kelsey Reedy
Credit Lorna Bryant / KHSU

Organizers of the Eureka Women’s March recently made national media attention after their press release announced the cancelation of the rally due to concerns that it would be ‘overwhelmingly white’. Kelsey Reedy, Allison Edrington and Beth Wiley, spokespeople of the Eureka Women’s March stopped by the KHSU Magazine to talk about their decision to cancel the 2019 Women's March. 

Last week, in a press release, they announced the cancelation of the 2019 due to concerns it would be ‘overwhelmingly white’. The group issued a subsequent statement, clarifying the initial press release.

Members of the organizing committee have agreed to join Lorna Bryant on Thursday Night Talk: The Race Beat January 17, 2019 to further the discussion and seek solutions with women leaders of color from our community.