KHSU Magazine: NCJ Details Zoo Deaths and the Impacts of Incels

May 16, 2018

The 5-16-18 cover of the North Coast Journal.

The North Coast Journal's Linda Stansberry explores the world of animal death and necropsy reports at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka. She explains the Zoo's history with exotic animals, new sustainable practices as well as how care conditions and zoo regulations have changed since it's inception in 1907. 

And co-editor Jennifer Fumiko Cahill talks with KHSU about her satirical piece on Incels, who are members of an online community who define themselves as involuntary celibate or unable to find a romantic or sexual partner. Cahill details how one solution suggested by a NY Times writer was sex robots to replace actual women. Cahill contributes to a column called Seriously? in the North Coast Journal. 

 **KHSU and the North Coast Journal formed a partnership last week to discuss  local news and what key stories to expect from the publication every week. **