KHSU Magazine: NCJ on Rio Dell Economy and Chan Saechao's Strawberries

Jul 6, 2018

North Coast Journal for July 5, 2018.

KHSU's Natalya Estrada talks with The North Coast Journal's Linda Stansberry on the city of Rio Dell and how its facing struggles to overcome economic woes over the closure of a bridge that links Scotia to Rio Dell, at the beginning of what was projected to be a great tourist season. Stansberry talks about how this has crippled local business and will most likely last until the end of the summer.

But there is hope that people will support local shops and stop into the city for Wildwood Days. Additionally, the cannabis industry took an interest in Rio Dell, which may also boost the economy. This story examines how Rio Dell has sustained itself and the many obstacles they've overcome as a community. 

Screenshot from the NCJ's Table Talk column.

And in the Table Talk section, the North Coast Journal's Jennifer Fumiko Cahill talks to us about a guest column, by Malina Syvoravong. She profiles Chan Saechao, owner of Saechao Farms. In a time of Instagramable meals and picture perfect fruit, Saechao provides a refreshingly simple take on gathering and producing strawberries in Humboldt County.