Lost Coast Sessions: A Company of Voices

Sep 21, 2018

"I think their professional lives would surprise you," says Elisabeth Harrington of her choral colleagues. "It's really wonderful to learn about our choirmates."

"Choir geeks!" adds Anna Gaines.

Gaines and Harrington are the co-directors of A Company Of Voices, a chamber choir that comes with a steep learning curve.

Credit KHSU

"We learn music really fast, and we sing music that's pretty challenging," says Gaines. On this episode of Lost Coast Sessions, take a vocal tour through music  spanning centuries with A Company of Voices.

This choir began their musical journey in the fall of 2014. Harrington and Gaines gathered their singing friends to form an a cappella chamber choir.

Combining their collective singing experience and appreciation of diverse vocal repertoire, A Company of Voices has explored a varied palette of music, from Renaissance to jazz.

Lost Coast Sessions is recorded live a the Arcata Playhouse. Some of tonight's pieces are a capella, while others feature keyboards, strings, and even percussion.

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