More Fatalities Reported in Camp Fire

Nov 14, 2018

Some of the aftermath of the Camp Fire in Butte County.
Credit Cal Fire

**UPDATE:   Cal Fire has reported more fatalities due to the Camp Fire. Officials have confirmed 56 people are dead. The additional deaths were found in the town of Paradise. Close to 300 people are now reported missing. 

Cal Fire also released this video on Governor Jerry Brown's visit to Butte County.

Cal Fire held a press conference on Tuesday night to discuss recent updates on the Camp Fire in Butte County. They’ve reported that the fire has burned 130,000 acres and is 35 percent contained. So far 8,817 structures have been destroyed with 7,600 being residential homes.

The Butte County Sheriff's Office reports that close to 52,000 people have evacuated and about 1,385 people are in shelters. Hundreds of people are also reported missing or unaccounted for. On Tuesday, more fatalities were reported by Police Sergeant Darren Wyatt who updated the community. 

“It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that six additional decedents were discovered today, bringing the total number of deaths to 48 so far. All six of those were in Paradise," Wyatt said. 

Wyatt, who is from Anaheim, noted that the Butte County Sheriff’s Office let 30 of their officers tend to their own families, many of whom were directly affected by the Camp Fire.

Cal Fire Operation Section Chief Josh Bishop said he hopes the weather will be favorable enough to make more forward progress in an especially tough terrain.

“Although it has been challenging at times, we’re trying to make as much progress as possible and trying to get as much containment as we possibly can," Bishop said. 

Meanwhile Lisa Almaguer with Butte County Public Health talked about how to prepare for returning home when access becomes available; however, she warned that resources would be severely limited.

“Residents will be entering these areas at their own risks. There will be no power, no water, no phone or cell service and no ability to call 9-1-1," she said. 

The Camp Fire is now on record as the deadliest fire in California. The Trump Administration announced a declaration of major disaster for Butte County because of the Camp Fire. The declaration also includes both Los Angeles and Ventura Counties because of the Woosley Fire.