Renewal along the Eel River

Mar 9, 2019

Barbara Domanchuk at the mouth of the Eel River. "I spent several hours trying this day to move myself and my equipment very slowly while keeping a safe distance from the wildlife." Photo courtesy of Barbara Domanchuk

This week’s Artwaves topic is a documentary project titled Changing Landscapes: The Eel River Estuary. Carlotta resident Barbara Domanchuk has been working on this documentary for several years filming the nearly seven-mile long estuary and interviewing people and organizations involved in its restoration with a principle focus on the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project. Nonprofit Friends of the Eel River is this film’s fiscal sponsor. A funding campaign is currently under way. During this March 5 Artwaves interview, Domanchuk talks with Wendy Butler about the history of the Eel River Estuary and how and why it has shrunk over time causing negative impacts on the flora and fauna in the area. She also explains how flooding is a function of this estuary; however, this year has been an abnormal weather year with lots of rain and thus has negatively impacted surrounding communities including Ferndale.

This shows the impact of wintertime king tides on the Eel River Estuary. Photo courtesy of Scott Greacen and Barbara Domanchuk