San Jose Bans Discrimination Against Section 8 Renters

1 hour ago

Jewish Groups Critique State’s Ethnic Studies Curriculum

The state wants to establish a mandatory ethnic studies curriculum for all students in California public schools, as to way to learn about marginalized minority and immigrant communities. But the draft curriculum has ignited a firestorm of criticism. Some say it’s WAY too politically correct, with hardly a word about conservative points of view. Jewish groups, meanwhile, argue the curriculum barely mentions Antisemitism or the legacy of the Holocaust.Guest: State Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel, vice chair of the legislative Jewish Caucus.

San Jose Bans Discrimination Against Section 8 Renters

Tens of thousands of low income renters in California keep roofs over their heads through something called Section 8. It gives government issued vouchers to people to help them pay for their rent. But a lot of landlords refuse to take Section 8. So following the lead of L.A. and San Diego, the San Jose City Council just passed a law making it illegal to discriminate against renters who use the vouchers. We’ll meet one homeless woman who hopes the change will help her find housing.Reporter: Sonja Hutson

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