From Scraps to Riches, Community Composting

May 3, 2018

Food 2 Soil in San Diego
Credit Sarah Boltwala-Mesina

Small entrepreneurs across the country are making a living and strengthening local food systems by composting food waste locally.  We get down to the nitty gritty with three community composters and talk with a soil scientist and composting advocates about the benefits of diverting food from landfills.




Andy Brooks in Bootstrap Compost's early days


Eric Rodriguez  The Urban Canopy

Sarah Boltwala-Mesina  Food2Soil

Andy Brooks   Bootstrap Compost

Brenda Platt   Institute for Local Self Reliance

Janelle Orsi   Sustainable Economies Law Center

Sintana Vergara   Humboldt State University


Composting Resources for Listeners

Resources for Community Composting as a Business

Resources for Schools                         Resources for Home 


Michael Chapman “A Strangers Map of Texas”

Lobo Loco “All Night Long”

Scott Holmes “Shine Bright” and “Corporate Presentation”

Kyoto Connection “Hachiko”


Fleslit “In My Place”