Thursday Night Talk: North Coast Dairy Industry

Nov 5, 2018

photo of Genevieve Regli courtesy of Regli Jersey Reas Creek Farm

What does it take to produce happy cows and healthy milk? The November 8th Thursday Night Talk held a conversation with three local youth who are our region’s next generation of dairy men and women. Yana Valachovic sat down with Genevieve Regli of the Regli Jersey Reas Creek FarmCody Nicholson Stratton from the Ferndale-based Foggy Bottoms Jerseys, and Jeff Mason from the Arcata-based Bar M Organic Dairy.  The North Coast has the perfect climate for dairy cows and for over 150 years the region has had a thriving industry. They explored the region’s unique pasture-based dairy operations and talk about local cheesemilk, and other niche dairy products such as grass milk.

Jeff Mason
Cody Nicholson Stratton