Tri-Valley Salons to Stage Mass Reopening to Protest Pandemic Closures

Aug 1, 2020

A group of Tri-Valley salon owners have planned a widespread re-opening to protest health orders to stay shut.

Ahead of that mass reopening, dozens of hairstylists and salon owners gathered outside Flaunt Hair Designs in Pleasanton Saturday afternoon.

“Why can I get my braces tightened but I can’t do your hair? ” read one protest sign.

Flaunt Hair Designs owner Christine Palmer says the group agreed during the meeting to stage a mass reopening on August 17.

Palmer hopes if multiple salons reopen at once the county won’t fine them. Fines can go up to $1,000.

“Can’t we just do your hair? We’ll both wear masks. Nobody’s huffing and puffing,” Palmer said. “We’ll follow the guidelines, and do it safely. It’ll be fine. Let us work.”

But because of the increase in cases and hospitalizations, Alameda County is on the state’s monitoring list and doesn’t currently have any plans to reopen salons.

— Holly J. McDede (@HollyMcDede)

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