Ethnic Excursions

Thursdays 3PM-4PM

Thursdays 3PM-4PM
Halimah the Dreamah presents contemporary and traditional music from India, Africa, the Balkans, Scandinavia, the Middle East, plus Celtic music and more, with informational commentary and artist interviews.

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Mike Dronkers/KHSU

The North Coast's own National Fiddle Champion Clarridge siblings return with hammer dulcimer wizard Simon Chrisman. The Bee Eaters weave a tapestry of sound all their own, drawing on roots in bluegrass, Celtic, jazz and old-time traditions.

See the slideshow above or the video below for more from their performance. 

Ari & Mia, "New England's Americana sister act," stopped by KHSU's Studio A to perform live. 

Today Halimah the Dreamah celebrates Ethnic Excursion's 25th Anniversary.  She tells KHSU listeners:

"Little did I know in August of 1991 I'd still be spinning discs and playing music from our incredible world. Tune in at 3 pm and call me at 707-826-4805 or 1-800-640-5911!"

I'm still lovin' it!"