Gus Mozart's Music Box

Mondays 10PM-12AM

Mondays 10PM-12AM
Chance. Unless you’re Diamond Jim, you never know the outcome from a roll of the dice. That’s the credo when you open the lid of Gus Mozart's Music Box. It’s a cavalcade of songs culled from the Modern Age, strung together by tumbling dice, improvisation, and a music lover’s ear.

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Russ Cole

 [UPDATE: Show posted below] 

KHSU listeners first heard young Russ Cole in the pre-dawn haze of Nov. 11 1976 as a studio guest. Few have a longer relationship with KHSU than Russ Cole, now known on-air as Gus Mozart. 

He celebrated his 40th anniversary of his own KHSU airshift on Monday's Music Box featuring vintage recordings (listen below) and songs from his first years on KHSU.