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Ways to Connect

The Big Time provides an opportunity to share California Indian traditions, cultures, and history with HSU students, staff and faculty, as well as the community at large. This year, the event coincides with the 50th anniversary of the The Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program (ITEPP).

KHSU's Megan Martin spoke with students and staff from ITEPP about the upcoming event and the origins and importance of ITEPP itself.

Humboldt Stae University

Aldaron Laird has lived in Humboldt County since 1975. Graduating from Humboldt State University he went on to work on environmental conservation issues, including salmon habitat restoration, with various governmental agencies.  Now he is considered one of the leading experts on sea level rise, particularly how it will affect Humboldt County's bay and coastline.  Aldaron will be speaking on the topic on Thursday March 28 as a featured lecturer in the Sustainable Future Speaker Series sponsored by HSU's Environment and Community Department.  The lecture will take place from 5:30 to 7:00 PM in Founder's Hall Rm. 118.  For more information about the Sustainable Future Speaker Series visit

Alice DiMicele Returns to Arcata Playhouse

Mar 8, 2019
Deborah Thornton

Alice DiMicele, Singer/Songwriter and acoustic guitar player with 14 self-released albums on her Alice Otter Music label, sings with compassion and great heart, playing festivals, theaters and house concerts. Alice spoke with Danielle Orr on the KHSU Magazine about her upcoming show and songwriting as well as her return to the Arcata Playhouse, with a local young singer/songwriter Delaney Rose, on Thursday March 14th for a  7:30 pm show.  Tickets at the door, Wildberries and online at

Danielle Orr

Celebrating 50 years, Redwood Region Audubon Society is having their Annual Banquet and Auction on March 16th, 2019 at the Arcata D Street Neighborhood Center. Dr Lisa Tell presents The Ins and Outs of the UC Davis Hummingbird Health Program in her presentation. Harriet Hill joined Danielle Orr at KHSU for the KHSU Magazine to talk about the accomplishments of the last 50 years here on the North Coast. 

Tickets at (707) 496-6581 or email: with Banquet in the subject line, hurry to get your reservations for a fabulous dinner.

North Coast Journal cover - photo Mark McKenna

44 Hours. That's how long 8-year-old Leia Carrico and her 5-year-old sister Caroline, were missing in the forests of southern Humboldt. The story of the missing sisters gripped the region, and soon spread around the country.

The North Coast Journal's Thad Greenson and Jennifer Fumiko Cahill spoke with the KHSU Magazine about their cover story on the massive search to find the girls and happy ending of their rescue Sunday morning.

Malia Matsumoto from SCRAP Humboldt speaks about the 6th annual Rebel Craft Rumble taking place on March 30, 2019 at the Arcata Playhouse.  Rebel Craft Rumble is an Iron Chef style event that emphasizes creative reuse of items that might otherwise find themselves in the traditional waste stream.  It is a wild and zany event, the proceeds of which support SCRAP Humboldt’s education programs, particularly their education programs for the SCRAP Summer and Day camps, along with it’s K – 12 programs in the schools and at their site at 101 H Street in Arcata.

Jessica Eden

Another Siskiyou County dispatch.

Activities at the Forks of Salmon elementary school are always bustling... this latest visit to the rural community school was no different. Teacher Jarred Lincoln and representatives from the Mid Klamath Watershed Council and the Karuk Tribe continue their collaborations, fostering a well-rounded place-based education.

Nordic Aquafarms website

"The Harbor District kind of blindsided everyone on Friday afternoon, announcing a special meeting on Monday at which they were going to eneter into a lease with a Norwegian company, Nordic Aquafarms for the pulp mill site," says North Coast Journal news editor Thad Greenson in an interview with the KHSU Magazine.

Greenson, with assistant editor Kimberley Wear, sifted through what they could find out about the project, the company and spoke with stakeholders after the meeting.

ZACHARY LATHOURIS - North Coast Journal

Arcata diners would be forgiven for trepidation when they saw a yellow Alcohol Beverage Control change of ownership poster up in the window of Folie Douce last month. The restaurant has been part of the high end dining scene in Arcata for more than 20 years. Fans of the artichoke cheesecake and rocquefort filet mignon need not worry, but there are many new flavors on the menu under new owner Reda Salhi.

In the latest Table Talk by North Coast Journal editor Jennifer Fumiko Cahill, she spoke with Salhi about his culinary background, his journey from his birthplace in Algeria, through Europe, to Ecuador and then to the U.S.

The journey, and the story of Salhil's adoption of Lebanese and other Mediterranean flavors, is as interesting as Folie Douce's new hummus and shawarma.

Oh Honey! Classes on Beekeeping Coming

Feb 4, 2019
HSU Extended Education and Global Engagement

Some get started for the honey - others for the pollination potential. Home beekeepers have a number of reasons for starting the hobby, but as they grow into full-fledged apiarists, they may find their interests change and deepen.  Home beekeepers learn about the lives of their hives, the meditative experience of watching their bees at work and how they can keep their hives thriving.


Sovereign Bodies Institute, Annita Lucchesi

Jan 25, 2019
Danielle Orr

Doctoral candidate, Annita Lucchesi  joined Danielle Orr in studio for the KHSU Magazine to talk about her work locally and the Sovereign Bodies Institute. Lucchesi graduated with a BA in Geography  from UC Berkeley in 2012 and received her MA in American Studies from Washington State University in 2016,  bringing her to research interests in Indigenous and critical cartography, Indigenous feminisms, postcolonial geographies and Indigenous research methodologies. Annita maintains one of the largest databases of cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada and the United States. The data is used not only in her own work, but is also made available to tribal advocates, activists, policy makers, service providers and community leaders.  You may explore the Seventh Generation Fund as well for continued education and information. For inquiries regarding the MMIWG Database, please email 



"It was's still fun," says Libby Maynard, about how the Ink People has continued for 40 years. The arts organization supports much of the infrastructure of the local arts scene, living out it's motto, "weaving the arts into the fabric of our community."

Maynard is the director and co-founder of the Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka's official arts organization. The group started in 1979 when a group of Humboldt State art students realized they would need to work collectively to keep and house the equipment they needed to continue their printmaking art.

Danielle Orr

Lots of fun in the KHSU studios today with a group of Career and College minded Arcata High School students Emille Perry and Ella Baur and Matthew Manus, and the Coordinator of the Career and College Center at Arcata High School, Darcy Robins and Arcata High School faculty Jennifer Corriell, who is also an Arcata Sunrise Rotary member. The Arcata High Career & College Center is funded by donations from local businesses, community members and AHS families. Donors will be celebrated at the 12th annual Pancake Breakfast put on by Rotary and the AHS Culinary program on January 26th from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Breakfast ticket sales benefit the AHS Culinary program. Breakfast to be held at the Performing Art Center at Arcata High School.



It has been tough to find specific answers about how the federal shutdown is affecting Humboldt and Del Norte counties, says North Coast Journal news editor Thad Greenson.

"Agencies are down people and maybe having someone available to talk to the media is not the top priority or maybe they've been told not to talk to the media."

"Workforce Weekend" Like a Dating Site for Jobs

Jan 9, 2019

Over half of Humboldt County employers say they've had difficulty in hiring. At the same time time, local job seekers, especially graduating college students, say they'd like to work locally but can't find quality jobs.

How can both of these things be true?

There is a disconnect between employers and job seekers and research into data by the Arcata Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) shows that. "Workforce Weekend" is a tool AEDC is hoping will bridge the divide.


The long journey to bring the play "Radioman" to the stage hits a milestone this month when it premieres at Del Arte in Blue Lake January 10th. The play is based on the poetry of Eric Hollenbeck and his experiences as a soldier in Vietnam and as a veteran trying to come to grips with his return.

The North Coast Journal's Thad Greenson spoke with the KHSU Magazine about how the play came to be and the lucky dinner that brought it to the stage.

Salina Rain

Headwaters Forest and the Town of Falk

Dec 18, 2018
Arcadia Publishing

Julie Clark,  author and longtime Headwaters Forest ranger, joins Brian Curtis for a conversation about the historic town of Falk. 

City of Arcata

Julie Neandar with the City of Arcata Environmental Services Department brings two topics to today's Magazine.  First she speaks briefly about Arcata's new REACH Building Code going into effect January 1, 2019. The code establishes guidelines for energy efficiency in new single-family and multi-family homes.  Next she describes the work of the newly established Plaza Improvement Task Force and the exciting way community member's can participate through the Plaza Improvement Survey available in both English and Spanish.  To complete the survey go to the City of Arcata Facebook page, or call 822-8184.

"What stood out for me was we found a system that pits working professionals, students, families, and the mentally ill all in one housing pool, all fighting to find the same housing," says student journalist Freddy Brewster.  Brewster and Tony Wallin were two of the 20 HSU students in Marcy Burstiner's investigative reporting class who collaborated on the North Coast Journal's cover story, "The Housing Games," this week.  

Rock Out! HSU Geology Club Auction Friday Nov 30

Nov 29, 2018

HSU Geology Club president, Chris Baimas wants you to  rock out this Friday with rocks. The Humboldt State University Geology Club's 44th annual Gem and Mineral Rock Auction is Friday November 30th. The sales of the hundreds of mineral, fossil and crystal auction items help HSU Geology students with  resume workshops, scholarships for month-long geology field camp and supplies for field work and classes.

Hank Sims

Margo Robbins is the Indian Education Director for the Klamath-Trinity School District.  KHSU had a chance to sit down with Margo to discuss her role in helping to provide a well-rounded and culturally appropriate educational experience.

From trainings for administrators and revamping curriculum to field trips for the youth, Margo and her team work to ensure the best possible future for the students.

Jessica Eden

Once a booming gold and timber area, the remote Forks of Salmon Elementary School is now a one teacher school.  The mission is to deliver an exemplary education in a safe environment and to empower students with skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in an ever-changing world.

Teacher Jarred Lincoln spoke with KHSU about some of Forks of Salmon Elementary's ongoing educational endeavors.

Dream Quest provides youth with vocational and creative opportunities to imagine and build their dreams. Dream Quest is located in Willow Creek, California, and offers year-round programs. 

Dream Quest StepUp program coordinator Nick Wilde connected with the KHSU Magazine to talk about community resilience and fostering healthy pathways for youth.

Delicious Gems in Unexpected Places

Nov 3, 2018
Jennifer Fumiko Cahill, North Coast Journal

North Coast Journal editor Jennifer Fumiko Cahill has been doing some important research lately, for our stomachs.

She came on KHSU's Magazine to share three unexpected culinary finds in Arcata and Eureka.  She wrote about them in the Journal's Hum Plate Roundup this week.

Celebration of the Eel River on Sunday

Nov 2, 2018
Bureau of Land Management/ERRP

If your only experience with the Eel River is driving past it on Highway 101, you wouldn't exactly call it "wild." Pat Higgins has news for you.

"You know it's a mixed bag, people are way to pessimistic about the Eel. About the eastern two-thirds are going back to nature," the director of the Eel River Recovery Project says, "My joke is you are more likely to see Bigfoot out there than people."

Get Out the Vote

Oct 31, 2018

Brian Curtis hosts this engaging KHSU Magazine interview encouraging the community to get out to vote on November 6.

Facebook via North Coast Journal

Visiting Judge Graham Cribbs sentenced Jon David Goldberg to 15 years to life Friday, September 19th for the murder of Tim Smith 2 years ago.

The judge struck down a firearm enhancement that would have added a minimum of 25 years to his time behind bars.

The North Coast Journal's Assistant Editor Kim Wear discusses her reporting on the final phases of the Goldberg trial including a motion for a new trial by the defense on grounds of juror misconduct.

PBS North Coast (KEET) has been putting out more and more locally produced programs lately:  The Lost Coast Sessions (co-produced with KHSU), North Coast Cuisine, the re-vamp of North Coast Perspectives and the twice-weekly education program, Homework Hotline.

PBS North Coast's Valerie Eurs and Shannon Perkins shared developments in programming and talked about the latest KEET Fall Auction that helps pay for programs local and beyond.