Looking Back

An historical snapshot of the local Northwest region.

Tom Cairns shares pieces of our region's past with listeners, helping to provide valuable context and understanding of our present.

Lisa Feldkamp / The Nature Conservancy

This week's Looking Back shares some little known local history of turkey herding. Tom Cairns provides another snapshot of our northcoast past.


On this episode of Looking Back, Tom Cairns exposes the muderous past of a number of well-known white settlers in northern California - with particular focus on one of the most notorious, Benjamin Kelsey. 

US Fish and Wildlife Service

On this segment of Looking Back, Tom Cairns discusses some regional California history with grizzly bears. 

Looking Back: Cattle

Aug 9, 2018
humboldt made

Tom Cairns highlights some local Northwest history.

This segment focuses on initial livestock herding in the region and the impacts upon Native communities and the landscape.